2013 Icebreaker: Dadaist Commenting

This in-class exercise is an experiment. Here’s how it will work:

Step 1 Select a role card from the “hat”.

Step 2 Create a fake user name and comment below the article here based on the clues on your role card.

Step 3 Once everyone has commented once, you may elect to respond to any other poster. Please use the same character you’ve developed with your first post. Tone, preoccupations, themes, etc. may change with your second post, however.

Step 4 We’ll discuss the ways in which we’ve created a meta-story, which further informs the original story.

San Francisco couple drowns trying to save pet dog after it jumped into bay

*Adapted from a DailyMail.co.uk article for educational purpose (Original article by Beth Stebner).

A young married couple boating near Richardson’s Bay drowned after jumping into the water to rescue their German Shepard, authorities said today.

Hank and Sally Frank, both 27, were in a small boat on the bay yesterday afternoon when their dog jumped into the water, police said in a written statement.

According to investigators, Mr Frank first jumped into the water, and was quickly followed by his wife, after he ‘became distressed.’ Neither was wearing life jackets, authorities said.


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That’s when Mrs. Frank leapt into the water to try and rescue her husband.

According to the The San Francisco Sentinel, two jet skiers on the bay heard Mrs. Frank cry for help and were able to flag down a nearby boater, who pulled her from the water.

Another jet ski rider managed to pull her husband onto their vessel and quickly drove him to shore.

Sausalito Deputy Fire Chief Pat Kane told the San Francisco Sentinel that when his crew arrived, Mrs. Frank was being taken ashore.

He told the paper: ‘CPR was in progress by civilians (attempting to revive) that victim, who was then transported to the hospital.’

The San Francisco Sentinel reports that both parties were taken to the nearby University Hospital, where they died within two minutes of each other.

However, their German Shepard, Rosie, was found alive by Detective Bryan Brick and was then turned over to the municipal animal shelter.

Authorities continue to investigate their deaths.




43 thoughts on “2013 Icebreaker: Dadaist Commenting

  1. This is why life jackets are essestial. There are some new purse size self-inflatedable one that everyone should own so this won’t happen to you.

  2. If the city of San Francisco cared enough about it’s people, they’d make sure that the budget cuts in this city allowed the correct number of rescue workers to be employed and on the clock, so that emergencies such as this could be avoided. Now not only has the earth been robbed of 2 souls, but the city is also populated with qualified rescue workers (such as myself) who are forced to sit around with nothing to do.

  3. Next trend on twitter will be how Facebook stocks took a dive just like this couple did. Too soon? Not, if your name is Fransisco or Frank. Aww, really too bad about those facebook stocks though. Let’s go create a page for the German Shepard to dog paddled his way to Orphan Annie status by not really lifting a paw..

    • Yes, I’ve already created a page commending his bravery. Once I figure out how to connect the Paypal donations site, I will post link.

  4. Why would you say something like that? I’ve known Hank and Sally since high school and they were both great swimmers! They both excelled at all sorts of hobbies and were just all around wonderful people

    • Right? I remember Sal had trophies from high school in the basement when I was helping her clean. Are we sure there isn’t any surveillance footage or something?

  5. I should hope the police would keep investigating! This is a fucking joke, Sal would never do something that stupid. Whoever’s investigating should check Hank’s phone records, according to Sal he’d been spending a lot of time talking to some girl in El Paso.

  6. So sad that such a tragedy could occur, an orphan made of a beautiful and innocent creature. Any new word on the condition of the dog? I am sure she is traumatized…

  7. I just don’t understand why they couldn’t have paid someone to rescue the dog? I mean I get that their is a time sensitivity issue, but really why risk your life when you can pay someone else to?

  8. German shepards are known not to love water as much as some other dog breeds- this may have been why the dog had a struggle within the water!
    You cant teach a dog that doesnt like water to like it, same as you cant teach a human to swim if they dont like it. If u want a swimmer, get a lab. :)

    • However, you can invest in facebook shares by creating a facebook page for the dog! I say make a Rosie page today. How many likes and shares can we get in an hour?

  9. This is so sad!!! No person should have to lose their life to an animal! I couldn’t believe it when that beast dragged them both below the water… is this why Dogfish are considered sharks?

  10. This is so dumb. Dogs don’t even have souls. It says so in the Bible. These liberal yuppies and their pets. And you know what else? The TAXPAYERS are paying for stupid hippies like this because OBAMA IS A DICTATOR. This could NEVER HAPPEN UNDER THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. Why should I have to pay for this? Personal responsibility, people. This is why Romney didn’t win, because it’s tough love for dog owners. Don’t want to drown? DON’T GET A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “All men are created equal and are endowed by their creator certain unalienable right: life, liberty, and happiness.” -Thomas Jefferson

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