Dadaist Comment Experiment: Wednesday

This in-class exercise is an experiment. Here’s how it will work:

Step 1 Read the article.

Step 2 Select a role card from the “hat”.

Step 3 Create a fake user name and comment below the article here based on the clues  on your role card.

Step 4 Once everyone has commented once, you may elect to respond to any other poster. Please use the same character you’ve developed with your first post. Tone, preoccupations, themes, etc. may change with your second post, however.

We’ll then discuss the ways in which we’ve created a meta-story, which further informs the original story.

San Francisco couple drowns trying to save pet dog after it jumped into bay

*Adapted from a article for educational purpose (Original article by Beth Stebner).

A young married couple boating near Richardson’s Bay drowned after jumping into the water to rescue their German Shepard, authorities said today.

Hank and Sally Frank, both 27, were in a small boat on the bay yesterday afternoon when their dog jumped into the water, police said in a written statement.

According to investigators, Mr Frank first jumped into the water, and was quickly followed by his wife, after he ‘became distressed.’ Neither was wearing life jackets, authorities said.


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That’s when Mrs. Frank leapt into the water to try and rescue her husband.

According to the The San Francisco Sentinel, two jet skiers on the bay heard Mrs. Frank cry for help and were able to flag down a nearby boater, who pulled her from the water.

Another jet ski rider managed to pull her husband onto their vessel and quickly drove him to shore.

Sausalito Deputy Fire Chief Pat Kane told the San Francisco Sentinel that when his crew arrived, Mrs. Frank was being taken ashore.

He told the paper: ‘CPR was in progress by civilians (attempting to revive) that victim, who was then transported to the hospital.’

The San Francisco Sentinel reports that both parties were taken to the nearby University Hospital, where they died within two minutes of each other.

However, their German Shepard, Rosie, was found alive by Detective Bryan Brick and was then turned over to the municipal animal shelter.

Authorities continue to investigate their deaths.




16 thoughts on “Dadaist Comment Experiment: Wednesday

  1. My condolences to the Frank family for their loss. However, maybe if budget cuts didn’t force many recuse workers in the area to be laid off, they could have been helped sooner. Necessary jobs that save lives need to be thought about a bit more than other jobs just because of the budget… lives lost that could have been saved.

  2. Aren’t dogs supposed to be able to swim? It’s sad they lost their lives but really… shouldn’t people know this… “doggy paddle.” Common sense isn’t so common anymore.

    • I think you are right. I have ten dogs of my own, two of which are German Shepards. They are very capable swimmers, in fact he probably just wanted to go for a swim and was in no real danger. Not trying to be a jerk, but these people obviously didn’t know much about their dog.

  3. I used to see this couple down at Charlie’s Cheese Sandwich shop all the time, it breaks my heart to hear of their passing. I never learned their names, but they always seemed very nice. The dog, however, was a different story. He was pretty wild, and even nipped at me once, but I guess they really cared about him.

    • We’re supposed to bite, duh. How else are we supposed to live with our dumbass owners if we can’t take a few bites of something other than Iam’s dog food?

  4. Well, clearly this article is biased in favor of human rights above those of their pets. We get the age and relationship between the couple, but nothing other than simply the breed. The ANIMAL was the story. How old was the dog? Had he eaten that day? Could it have seen a salmon or maybe some smelt roe (yum!)? Does it have a history of delinquency?

    Questions need to be asked! There must be a motive! We will get to the bottom of this!

    P.S. Jetskis are KEWL LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am seriously sitting here with my jaw glued to the table. Two human-beins gave up their lives for a stupid smelly animal. Two young people who could have started a family, advanced in their careers, done anything are now laying in a morgue!!!!!!!!!! So much for mans best friend. Now that ‘lucky’ dog who doesn’t even know what the hell happened is going to go on with its life taking a crap where it wants, drooling and bringing nothing valuable to society, worth it.

  6. I’m still in shock from reading this. I’ve known Hank since college and cannot believe something like this could happen to such a good guy. This is very typical of Hank, though, he always put others before himself without a second thought. His birthday was coming up in just a few weeks too.

  7. I bet these people are liberal, thats why they didn’t survive. I feel like the dog had this planned all along and that he planned to kill the pet owners, I even believe that the dog actually drowned the Franks, I swear pet owners are the worst people in the world, stupid naive people. Only liberals have pets, because they don’t deserve to have kids. Its all a conspiracy by pets and liberals to take over the world, next there is going to be a house full of dead people and the dog is going to be the only one alive, what a coincidence!

  8. I just want to say that Hank and Sally are the two bravest and wonderful people I have ever known! They were so in love and happy I can not believe something so terrible could happen to them! :,( They loved that dog with all their heart and I know they would have done anything for Rosie, she was their baby. Hank and Sally were always smiling and I know in my heart they will be looking down with smiles too.

  9. I worked with Mr.Frank. Good guy, had alot of pictures of his dog. The out doorsy type you know. I feel bad for the family, he worked hard in the office, always had a smile on his face. I kind of thought he was too happy sometimes, R.I.P

  10. Was the applied CPR method, mouth-to-mouth, or hand-press? This might be an issue in the state of California, but I digress…

    What a sad story this turned out to be.

    Clearly the Franks made the morally appropriate decision to attempt to save the life of their dog, but it’s unfortunate it had to come at that cost for such a young couple. I hope this is a wake-up call for all to learn basic survival skills.

    Like swimming.
    A life of proper diet and exercise can save your life.


  11. Not surprising that a DOG would come before HUMANS in the People’s Republic of San Francisco. A war, presidential campaign, economy in crisis, and this makes international headlines? Typical LAMEsteam media attempt to pull attention away from 4 failed years of NObama policies.

  12. What you all fail to realize is that this took place in Richardson’s Bay, on of the most affluent residential areas populated primarily by senior citizens. No one came to the couple’s rescue until it was too late because the majority of people using the lake are entirely too consumed by their aquatic toys. Why couldn’t Grandpa come to the rescue with his fancy new jetboat? Because he was too busy showing it off to the neighbors.

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